• 16 Pieter street, Manhattan office park unit 8, Eco Park, Centurion

Videos of Actual Incidents

Videos of Actual Incidents

Cop responds to bar break-in

Copper thieves rolling spool

Intruder at electrical tower (1)

Intruder at electrical tower (2)

Runner at electric substation

Night intruder at substation 3

Two intruders with bucket at substation

Intruder in residential construction site

Intruder looks right at MotionViewer

Bar break-in

Crooks at the register

MotionViewer records farm intrustion

Cattle trip MotionViewer

Truck drives by

Two intruders in back yard

Turkeys Caught

Intruder at scrap yard caught crawling past our MotionViewer

Police response at warehouse

Factory intrusion sequence, police response, arrest made

Police with K9 respond to 2 man break through

Curious cat caught

Intruder busts through office ceiling

Intrusion in a cell tower

Two man in a cell tower

Intrusion in Cell Tower

Intrusion in a house

Intrusion in a construction site

Intrusion in a stock