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Videofied concept


Make the Difference

A video-verified alarm can make all the difference for all parties involved:

  • Police: verified response, more arrests, reduced crime
  • Property Owners: reduced losses, enhanced peace of mind
  • Dealers: better value proposition, more results, happier customers

Get training, grow your team

With our new suite of training resources you can watch a video on how to program the Videofied system in under 15 minutes, attend a virtual classroom or weekly webinar, and take online courses to advance your knowledge of the Videofied system and its installation.


Visit our case studies page to see how Videofied has protected a wide range of applications and delivered faster police response, more arrests, reduced losses and really happy customers.

A wide product range...

Need an IP panel? We can offer you the XV-iP. Need 2 way-voice? You can choose the XL panel. Hardware inputs or outputs are essential tools for you? XV & XT panels are your solution!

A lot of accessories are compatible with all Videofied panels : keyfob, keypads with or without integrated badge reader, badge readers, sirens, smoke detectors, door contacts… so many devices which make Videofied products a complete range!

News: Interactive smartphone App that provides the reassurance and convenience of remote video request and review!